• Matty Paddock

Gillberg emotional after appearance on WWE Raw

AN emotional Duane 'Gillberg' Gill says still being a part of WWE is "everything to me" following his latest appearance on RAW.

The 61-year-old featured in a skit alongside The Miz and Morrison to help further promote the rivalry between WWE Champ Drew McIntyre and the real Goldberg.

Having the chance to revive the parody act of the WCW legend clearly still gives the former WWE enhancement talent immense satisfaction.

He spoke to WWE.com after Monday's show and was visibly emotional when explaining what working in wrestling still means to him.

"Man, that was a ball! You see now why I love it," he said. "This is everything to me, it's my life, it really is.

"You don't know how much, at my age, I wish I could still have a full time job doing it - it's my love.

"That was one thing they always used to say to me in the locker room; 'Look, there goes Gill' [because] I was always smiling - always smiling and always happy.

"You just saw what I do - how can you not like doing that?! It's a blast, and to make people laugh, that's what I do best.

A veteran of more than 30 years and a former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion, Gill added: "When I die, I want people to go 'that was a good guy.'

"That's all I want. I'm always nice to everybody and try to be. That feeling when I go out there, it's everything.

"Here I am with The Miz and Morrison, two of the biggest names in the business today.

"They're so polite and kind [to me] and that's why I love what I do.

"It's everything, it really is."

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